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.Yoshida Masaji
" Burning Glow "
.woodblock print 1957
.27.8 x 42.0 cm 2/50 signed
Yoshida Masaji (1917-1971)
1917 Born in Arita district, Wakayama Pref.
1941 He majored in Western-style painting and graduated from Tokyo School
of the Fine Arts. He was under the influence of Onchi Koshiro
1949 He exhibited his works at the Exhibition of the Japan Print Association
1952 Enlisted as member of the Japan Print Association then also of the Modern
Art Association.
1957 The work he exhibited at the Exhibition of Tokyo International Biennale
won The New Artist Award.

.Koguchi Ichiro
" A Fishing Village "
.woodblock print
.28.5 x 35.7 cm sealed

Koguchi Ichiro (1914-1979) 
1914 Born in Oyama City, Tochigi Pref.
1937 Exhibited his work at the Yokohama Art Exhibition and started
to work as an oil painter.
1951 Under the advice od Suzuki Kenji he started to learn woodblock
printing and became member of the Print Movement Association.
He is well known for his works featuring the Ashio Copper Mine Case.

.Nagase Yoshiro
" The Dancing Siva "
.woodblock print 
.31.2 x 22.5 cm signed

.Nagase Yoshiro
" The Pyramid "
.woodblock print 1930
.21.3 x 29.2 cm signed
NAGASE YOSHIRO (1891-1978 )
Born in Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture. He learned western-
style painting at Hakubakai Institute and then at Tokyo Art College.
He soon quitted the college and started offering the top page picture
and illustrations for the Sosaku-Hanga Magazine, " Holy Grail"( later
re-titled " Mask" )His next step was to organize Japan Hanga Club
with Hasegawa Kiyoshi and Hiroshima Shintaro. In 1922 he published
" To Those Who Make Prints" , which gave great influence upon other
artists including Taninaka Yasunori.

.Furukawa Ryusei 
" The Imperial Palace in Rain "
.woodblock print  1929
.21.3 x 30.3 cm sealed

Born in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture and was named Tatsuo.
Graduated from Tokyo Art College majoring Japanese style painting.
He taught at schools and also active in painting and making prints.
His works were exhibited at many exhibitions encluding those by
Japan Sosaku-hanga Association, Shunyo-kai and Japan Hanga Association.

.Inagaki Tmo-o
" Cats at Sunset "
.woodblock print 1972 193/200
.33.0 x 44.8 cm signed in pencil

.Inagaki Tomo-o
"Long tailed cat"
.woodblock print 1958 1/50
.53.4 x 32.8 cm signed in pencil

.Inagaki Tomo-o
" Cat walking "
.woodblock print 1953
.33.4 x 53.2 cm signed in pencil

.Inagaki Tomo-o 
"Tokyo Station in Snow"
.woodblock print 1929
.19.8 x 14.2 cm signed in pencil

.Inagaki Tomo-o
"Still Life with Scotch-broom"
.woodblock print 1951
.53.0 x 40.8 cm
.signed on block
.Other works by Inagaki Tomoo

INAGAKI TOMO-O (1902-1980 )
Born in Tokyo in 1902, Inagaki started to contribute his woodblock works for
the magazine 'Poems and Prints' in 1923. This challenge acquainted him with
Onchi Koshiro and enabled him to learn a great deal from this giant in hanga.
His work was first exhibited in 1924 in the 6th Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga
Association. 'Modern Japanese Prints' by Oliver Statler 1957, the first book
to introduce Sosaku-hanga on the international scale, aroused the world-wide
interest in this genre of art. Inagaki's 'Cat making up' was selected to decorate
the front cover, which helped to bring him international fame.

.Mizufune Rokushu 
" Pansies in a Pot "
.woodblock print. 41/50
.34.0 x 23.5 cm signed

.Mizufune Rokushu
" Rainbow Bird "
.woodblock print. 31/50
.32.7 x 23.2 cm signed

.Mizufune Rokushu
"Sea gull-Lamp"
.woodblock print 1973 
.53.8 x 40.5 cm
.ed.10/30 signed in pencil

.MIZUFUNE ROKUSHU  (1912-1980 )
1912 He entered the Sculpture Course of Tokyo School of Fine Arts
1931 While he attended it, he also learned under Hiratsuka in his hanga
study group together with Muto Rokuro and Yoshiwara Masamichi.
1932 He joined to establish <Shin Hanga Syudan(The New Print Group)>.
This group was restarted as <Zoukei Hanga Kyokai> in 1938.
1936 He graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts
1959 and became member of Japan Print Association.
1960-77 He worked as headmaster of Kanto Gakuin Primary School
Although only watercolor pigments are used in his woodcut works、they often
exceed oil paintings in their vivid expression.
The artist says; Any print or sculpture first comes to me as a form of poetry.

.Kamei Toubei 
" Camellia "
.woodblock print 1972
.16.3 x 30.7 cm signed on block

KAMEI TOUBEI (1901-1977 )
Kamei was born in Yuasa-cho, Wakayama pref. and named Eiichi, but in 1953 he chose Genbei
as his artist name and later Tobei. He learned traditional Japanese painting in Kyoto Art School
and from this early period worked on making prints. He exhibited his works at the exhibitions
of Kokuga Creation Association, Teiten and Shunyo-kai. He was one of the starting members of
Kyoto Creative Print Association. Kamei's spiritual master was Kawabata Ryushi and and joined
his Seiryusha Group in 1937. He lived and worked in Kyoto until his death in 1977.

.Asada Benji 
"The Canal in Snow"
.woodblock print 1941
.21.5 x 28.5 cm signed on block
.ASADA BENJI (1900 -1984 )
1900 .Born in Kyoto.
1924 .Graduated from Kyouto City Art College.
1928 Published the print magazine "Han(Print)" with Munakata and other artists.
1929 .Organized Kyoto Sosaku-Hanga Assosiation with Tokuriki Tomikichiro,
Asano Tkeji and Kamei Toubei.
1930 .Published the print magazine "Kitsutsuki " with Onchi Koushiro and others.
Published the series of 12 wood block prints titled "New Views of Kyoto"
with Tokuriki and Asano.
1977 .Published "Brief Sketches of Paris", a series of essays.

.Sekino Jun'ichiro 
"Byodoin Temple in Uji"
.woodblock print 1976 13/300
.33.0 x 46.0 cm signed in brush
.Other works by Sekino Jun'ichiro
.SEKINO JUN'ICHIRO (1914-1988 )
.Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1914, he was so fascinated with woodblock prints
.when he was still attending junior highschool that he had enough vigor to recruit
.other.members and edit a hanga magazine. Under Kon Junzo he learned etching
.and lithography. In 1920 he exhibited his work in the 2nd Exhibition of Japan
.Hanga Association. In 1939 he moved to Tokyo and lived in the neighborhood of
.Onchi Koshiro.
.Together with Yamaguchi Gen, he was founding member of Ichimoku-kai and for
.about 10 years, surrounding Onchi, made efforts to sustain this precious circle.
.His two books, 'The Founders of Hanga' and 'The Memorable Print Artists' are.
.both very valuable documents of sosaku-hanga. 

.Mori Yoshitoshi 
"Mikoshi (Portable Shrine)"
.stencil 1960 ed. AP
.69.5 x 58.0 cm (sheet size)
.signed in brush and ink

MORI YOSHITOSHI (1898-1992 )
1923 He graduated from Kawabata School of Fine Arts and later leared
under Yanagi Muneyoshi and Serizawa Keisuke.
1957 He exhibited his works at The International Print Biennale in Tokyo
1969 His print work was granted an award at The International Print
Biennale in Barcelona

.Nakagawa Isaku
" A Girl in Ryukyu (Okinawa)"
.woodblock print .1933
.40.0 x 60.0 cm signed

.Nakagawa Isaku 
"Andre Malraux in Kyoto"
.woodcut printed on yellow paper
.c.1974 40.0 x 30.6 cm 
.signed on the block
. .NAKAGAWA ISAKU (1899-2000 )
Born in Kyoto in 1899, he first learned woodblock printing, together with
Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Asada Benji, Asano Takeji, in the class Hiratsuka
Un'ichi taught.
1928 He exhibited 'Higuruma' at the 7th Kokuten Exhibition. He was just
1928 transferring from Nihonga (Japanese Style Painting) to hanga.
1931 He started a hanga magazine 'Taishu Hanga' with the view of popular
1931 -izing hanga in Kyoto.
1972 He started pottery in Namban style in Okinawa and made his second
1972 debut as a potter.

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