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.Tagawa Ken
" Nsgasaki, Its Deep Layers of Climates "
.woodblock print 1961
.38.0 x 53.1 cm signed

.Tagawa Ken
" A White Wooden Fish "
.woodblock print 1956
.34.2 x 37.7 cm signed

.Tagawa Ken
" An Auction house "
.woodblock print 1958
.19.7 x 23.5 cm
.signed in pen and ink
TAGAWA KEN (1906 -1967 )
1906 Born in Nagasaki.He moved to live in Tokyo in 1926.
1926 When acquainted with Onchi Koshiro, he was fascinated with hanga.
1928 He entered Kawabata School of Art and around 1932 started to make hanga.
1933 He returned to his hometown and, in 1934, formed the group 'Hanga
Nagasaki no Kai (Hanga Group in Nagasaki)'
1940 He joined the Hanga Association.
1941-42 During this period he lived in Shanghai and established Shanghai Hanga
Association and Shanghai Studio for Hanga Art.
1945 He returned to Japan (actually landed on a small island off the coast of
Kyushu after drifting for 16 days in the East China Sea).
He maintained long friendship with the poets, Horiguchi Daigaku and
Kaneko Mitsuharu, and illustrated Horiguchi's translation work,
'Collected Poems of Guillaume Apollinaire' with woodblock prints.
Bibliography 'Woodblock Prints of Tagawa Ken - 12th Mansion at Higashi-yamate,
Nagasaki' Keishosha 1973

.Oda Shigeru
" Toredo "
.copper plate print 1971 
.23.5 x 16.8 cm 17/30 signed

.Shinagawa Takumi
" Fairy "
.woodblock print 
36.0 x 24.2 cm signed

.Shinagawa Takumi 
" Waltzing (Endlessly) "
.woodblock print 1953
.38.6 x 30.3 cm signed
.Other works by Shinagawa Takumi
.Born in Niigata Prefecture. He graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan College
.of Industrial Arts measuring in metal design. In 1935, while he was working
.for a printing company, he had a chance to show his solid paper work to Onchi
.Koshiro, who advised him to re-express it in print form. Since then he studied
.hanga under Onchi in order to deepen and establish his own style.

.Oikawa Yasuo
" A New Road "
1993 copper plate
11.3 x 16.0 cm  signed
.OIKAWA YASUO (1891- )
.Born in Mie Prefcture. Graduated from Tokyo Art College majoring
.Westrn style painting. He joined the Western Style Print Association
.organized by Oda Kazuma and other artists.

.Maeda Tohshiro 
" Sakurajima Island (Evening) "
.1949 linocut
.26.3 x 33.5 cm

.Maeda Tohshiro
" Swallows "
.woodblock print
.30.8 x 43.6 cm

.Maeda Tohshiro
" Bingata (A)"
.linocut 1939 
.43.4 x 31.0 cm

.Maeda Tohshiro
" Bingata (B)"
.linocut 1939 
.18.0 x 33.8 cm

.Maeda Tohshiro
" Oharame (Kyoto Flower Vender)"
.woodblock print 1950 
.51.0 x 25.8 cm
.MAEDA TOHSHIRO  (1904-1990 )
.Born in Akashi City, Hyogo prefecture. On graduation from the Commercial
.College of Kobe, he worked for the publicity department of Matsuzakaya Store.
.While follwing his career of advertisement artist, he tried making prints
.studying 'The Techniques of Print Making' written by Hiratsuka. In 1939 he
.was awarded the Shun'yo-kai Prize for 'Bingata' and other works. He became
.member of Shun'yo-kai the following year.

.Ito Ben-ou 
" The City Tower and the Remains
.of the Sumpu Castle "
.woodblock print 1982
.32.8 x 47.8 cm 80/150 signed
.Other works by Ito Ben-ou
ITO BEN-OU (1917-1992)
Born in Ooigawa-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture. His real name is Ito Tsutomu.
While he was learning in Kokugakuin University, he also started learnig
making prints by himself . In 1946 he joined Shizuoka Print Association,
of which he was an establishing member. He was also a member of Japan
Print Association and Kokuga-kai Association.

.Onda Akio 
" The First Love... "
.woodblock print 1971
.48.3 x 64.3 cm signed and sealed

.Onda Akio 
" In an Iris Warm bath ... "
.woodblock print 1970
.50.0 x 41.5 cm signed and sealed
.ONDA AKIO (1924-2007 )
Born in Tokkyo in 1924, he graduated from Musashino Art College in 1956.
He worked as a lecturer in his Alma Mater from 1963 to 1968, and later
he worked under Munakata Shiko. He produced many woodblock prints which
include Haiku poems by Basho, Buson and Issa.

.Yamaguchi Susumu 
" Country Theater "
.woodblock print 1950
(from vol.VI of Ichiboku-shu)
.22.0 x 19.6 cm sealed

.Yamaguchi Susumu.
" Nude with a Flower"
.woodblock print 1930
.16.3 x 23.6 cm
.Other works by Yamaguchi Susumu
1897 Yamaguchi was born in Ina City, Nagano prefecture.
1912 At the age of 15, he made his first attempt in woodblock printing,
using his father's worn out wooden clogs as the blocks.
1923 His work was first exhibited in the 5th Exhibition of the Sosaku-
hanga Association. 'Soaked-wet printing', the printing technique
of his own devising, had influence even upon Onchi Koshiro.
Referrence 'Modern Japanese Prints' Oliver Statler Tuttle 1956(Bibliography)
'The Printed Works of Yamaguchi Susumu' Keishosha 1979

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