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.Fukushima Ichiro
' Fishing Village still waiting for Spring '
.woodblock print 55/75
.33.2 x 53.4 cm signed

.Fukushima Ichiro
' Beach Wind '
.woodblock print 3/50
.37.9 x 53.0 cm signed

.Fukushima Ichiro
' A View with an Earthen Wall '
.woodblock print 1970
.38.3 x 53.2 cm
.55/75, signed in pencil 
.Other works by Fukushima Ichiro

FUKUSHIMA ICHIRO ( 1920-1975 )
Fukushima was born in 1920 in the Island of Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture.
From1937 on he learned art under Ota Koji, who introduced him to Azechi Umetaro.
Azechi"s works totally inspired him to open the door to the world of hanga.
Two years later, ini1964, his work won the Fresh Talent Award in the exhibition
of Japan Print Association. His later works were also welcomed to various
international print exhibitions.

.Oba Tomio 
' Hesitating to Open my Heart '
.woodblock print 2001 23/50
.32.8 x 45.0 cm
.23/50 signed
OHBA TOMIO ( 1949 - )
Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. His style gives
us a poetic impression with some lonesome atmosphere.
He started his career as a kick boxer and is now a print
artist and a guitarist playing Spanish music.

.Arai Ryo 
' Without Title '
.copper-plate print E.A
.36.0 x 28.2 cm  signed

ARAI RYO  ( 1933- 2009)
1933 Born in Tochigi Prefecture.
1957 graduated from Tokyo Art College as a design major.
1958 became a member of Japan Advertisement Art Association
1962 started working as a designer for Hitachi Electric Appliances,
Seibu Department Store, Isuzu Automobile, and IBM.
1975 started copperplate printing.
1983 signed a contract with Franconi, a print publisher in Paris.

.Hatsuyama Shigeru 
' Fireplace '
.woodblock print in the 1940s
.23.3 x 32.5 cm sealed
.Other works by Hatsuyama Shigeru

Born in Asakusa district, Tokyo, he learned at the age of ten the traditional
Yamoto-e painting from Kano Tanrei. He then worked in a dye house, where
he made full use of his drawing ability. In1919 he started to draw pictures
for children when the magazine " The World of Fairy Tales " was published.
His fairy tale picures, with delicate lines and decorative compositions, were
soon hily valued. He started woodblock printing in the 1930s.

.Ishii Tsuruzo 
' Two Ancient Gods of Sumo Wrestling,
.Nomino Sukune and Tagimano Quehaya '
.woodblock print 1969
.39.0 x 30.0 cm printed seal

ISHII TSURUZO ( 1887-1973 )
Born in Tokyo in 1887 as a son to Ishi Teiko, a famous traditional-style artist,
Ishi Hakutei, Teiko's first son and Tsurozo's elder brother, also established fame
as an artist. Tsurozo learned sculpture in Tokyo Art School and became a member
ofJapan Art Institute. Tsuruzo^s ability to lead artists of younger generations
always brought him in the center of many art groups such as Japan Print Association,
Japan Creative Print Association, Japan Watercolor Society, Shunyokai Group.
After World War II,.hhe taught at Tokyo University of the Arts.

.Yamataka Noboru 
' The Arakawa River '
.woodblock print 1976
.32.5 x 22.5 cm 40/100

Born in Tokyo in 1926, he graduated from Meiji University in 1945.
His major was Japanese literature. While he was working for a publishing
company, he started to learn woodblock printing by himself around 1962.
In 1978 he left the company and devoted himself to making prints.
His works were exhibited at Yujin Gallery in 1980, titled "Japanese
Sensibility; The Worlds of Kawakami Sumio and Yamataka Noboru"
He also left many book-cover designs.

.Hoshi Joichi 
' Castle in the Forest '
.woodblock print 1958
.26.7 x 35.0 cm
.signed in pencil

.Hoshi Joichi
' Galaxy(B)'
.woodblock print 1968, 
.33.4 x 27.8 cm
.30/100, signed in pencil 
HOSHI JOICHI ( 1913-1979 )
Born in Niigata pref., Hoshi graduated from Tainan Education College in Taiwan in
1932 and.worked there as a teacher for 13 years. After leaving Taiwan in 1946,
he started printing business in his home town and also started making lithographic
art works. In 1956 he graduated from Musashino Art College as an oil painting
major and learned for himself woodblock print techniques. In 1959 he was awarded
the.Kokuga-kai Prize for his work " Water". Most of his works surround the themes
of trees ans woods and.stars and constellations.

.Kawara Kanji 
' The River Sumida in Rain '
.woodblock print 1962
.26.5 x 42.0 cm
.signed on block., signed in pencil on back
KAWARA KANJI ( 1897- last year unknown )
Kawara was born in Ako, Hyogo Prefecture in1897。He learned oil painting at Hongo
Institute of Western Art in Tokyo. He left the Institute midway and started to work as
a news reporter for the Hochi Newspaper. The best-known of his talents may have
been that of an actor both in the theater and in the movies. The two giants in the acting
world, Kishida Kokushi and Ozu Yasujiro higly valued him for his refined silvery manners.
He was a member of Japan Print Association between 1954 and 1973.

.Sasajima Kihei 
' Lily '
.woodblock print 1959, 18/36
.35.3 x 30.2 cm
.18/36 signed in pencil

.Sasajima Kihei
' Late Summer '
.woodcut 1946 a.p.
.38.8 x 51.3 cm signed in pencil
.Other works by Sasajima Kihei
SASAJIMA KIHEI ( 1906-1993 )
1906 Born in the pottery town of Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture.
1936 He attended a course given by Hiratsuka Un'ichi and was fascinated
with the world of black and white woodblock prints.
1937 Hamada Shoji, a well-known potter living in Mashiko, introduced him
to Munakata Shiko, giving him the great oppotunity because he had
always admired Munakata's works for their feeling of incredible liberty.
1952 He joined Munakata Shiko and Shimozawa Kihachiro to form Nihon

.Kikuchi Shunji
' A maiden in the forest '
.43.5 x 34.5 cm 
( hand colored.on the back of
.the paper ) signed in pencil

.Kikuchi Shunji 
' A Room in Sepia '
.1981 woodblock print 4/300
.30.0 x 40.5 cm
.signed in pencil
.Born in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. He graduated from Musashino College
of Fine Arts majoring in oil painting. During his college days he learned print
.making under Munakata Shiko and Onda Akio. He finds motifs while travel-
.ing many cities abroad but feels that in the core lies his exotic home town,

.Sogao Takeharu 
' Winter Trees '
(Views of Musashino)
.etching 1936
.27.0 x 28.5 cm 
.signed in penscil

.SOGAO TAKEHARU ( 1899-1984 )
1915 Sogao learned in The Hongo Art Institute under Nagahara Kotaro and
his oil painting was exhibited at a Kofukai Exhibition.
c.1930 He started learnig etching techniques and, after the contacts with
Nishida Takeo and Kon Junzo, made efforts to spread this new medium.
1940 He was elected to attend the managing board of The Association of
Japanese Etchers.
1960 He joined Japan Hanga Association, which had been established by
10 members including Munakata Shiko, Maekawa Sempan and Nagase

.Nemoto Kagai 
' Sparrow '
.27.0 x 36.0 cm

NEMOTO KAGAI ( 1898-1975)
1938 Nemoto became member of Japan Print Association and learned under
Maekawa Sempan.
1960 He joined Japan Hanga Association.

.Miyamoto Kyoshiro 
' Face '
.woodblock print 1961
.34.0 x 24.3 cm
.signed in pencil

.MIYAMOTO KYOSHIRO ( 1915-1996 )
.1915 Born in Taiwan, he learned art under Kato Masao, who was poet
and illustrator.
.1960 He held his first solo exhibition at Chuo-koron Gallery and joined
Japan Hanga Association until 1962.
.1968-74 During this period he was member of the Print Group <Han> and
aftterwards exhibited his works mainly in solo exhibitions.

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