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Special Feature
 Oliver Statler

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Special Feature Oliver Statler

 The woodblock prints in this room are
introduced in 'Modern Japanese Prints',
written by Oliver Statler in 1956. This
was the first book to present a compre-
hensive map of the world of Japanese
creative hanga. The author's love of and
connoisseurship in this genre of art has
helped us for half a century as the most
enlightening and encouraging guide.

Translated version of 'Modern Japanese
.Prints' in Japanese
.Reifu-shobo 2009 (\2,990)
.TEL 03-5343-2315 (Tokyo)

.Inagaki Tmo-o 
" Lamp "
.woodblock print 1954
.53.2 x 41.0 cm 23/50 signed
.Other works by Inagaki Tmoo

INAGAKI TOMO-O (1902-1980 )
Born in Tokyo in 1902, Inagaki started to contribute his woodblock works for
the magazine 'Poems and Prints' in1923. This challenge acquainted him with
Onchi Koshiro and enabled him to learn a great deal from this giant in hanga. 
His work was first exhibited in the 6th Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Asso-
ciation in 1924. 'Modern Japanese Prints' by Oliver Statler 1957, the first
book to introduce Sosaku-hanga on the international scale, aroused the world-
wide interest in this genre of art. Inagaki's 'Cat making up' was selected to
decorate the front cover, which helped to bring him international fame.

.Mabuchi Thoru (Toru)
' Afternoon Sun '
.woodblock print 1953 5/10
.54.5 x 74.5 cm signed in pencil
.Other works by Mabuchi Toru
.MABUCHI TORU (Thoru) (1920-1994 )
.Born in Tokyo as the first son to the cut-grain wood engraver Mabuchi Rokutaro,
Toru learned woodblock printing under Hiratsuka Un'ichi during his student years
in Tokyo.School of Art. In 1960 he joined Munakata Shiko and Maekawa Sempan
.to establish Japan Hanga Society, and worked as president since 1981 until his
.last years.

.Shimozawa Kihachiro
.woodblock print 1949
.23.2 x 33.4 cm 
.signed in brush and ink
Other works by Shimozawa Kihachiro
1901 Born in Hirosaki City in Aomori prefecture .
1916 His enthusiasm for art brought him far down south to Tokyo, where he
worked for Chuo Bijutsusha (Central Art Publishing).
1921 He got acquainted with Ishii Hakutei and started to paint in oil, water-
color and tempera. During the1921-22 period, he had to be enrolled in
the artillery and returned nearly deaf.
1924 Around 1924, introduced by Ishii Hakutei, he started to learn woodcut
techniques under Hiratsuka Un'ichi.
1927 He became member of the Hanga Association.
Besides woodblock printing he also composed Haiku poems.
Shimozawa says, 'The coldest winter bites my soul but brings the warmest
joy when a scene is printed beautifully snowbound' (1949)

.Yamaguchi Susumu 
' Taisho-ike '
.woodblock print 1952 
.43.5 x 58.7 cm signed in pencil
Other works by Yamaguchi Susumu
1897 Born in Ina, Nagano prefecture in 1897.
1912 At the age of 15 he made his first attempt in woodblock printing using
his father's worn out wooden clogs as the blocks.
1923 His work was first exhibited in the 5th Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga
His mountain prints have established reputation for their dynamism and
profoundness. As for the theme 'mountain', Azechi and Maeda can perhaps
compete with him, while as for 'soaked-wet printing' , the printing tech-
nique of his own devising, had influence even upon Onchi Koshiro.

.Sasajima Kihei 
' Early Winter in the Mountains '
.woodcut 1947 AP
.38.5 x 50.3 cm signed in pencil
Other works by Sasajima Kihei
SASAJIMA KIHEI (1906-1993)
1906 Born in the pottery town of Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture.
1936 He attended a course given by Hiratsuka Un'ichi and was fascinated with
the world of black and white woodblock prints.
1937 Hamada Shoji, a well-known potter living in Mashiko,introduced him to
Munakata Shiko, giving him the great oppotunity because he had always
admired Munakata's works for their feeling of incredible liberty.
1952 He joined Munakata Shiko and Shimozawa Kihachiro to form Nihon Hanga-in.

.Maekawa Sempan 
'Kyoto Flower Vender'
.woodblock print 1951
.37.0 x 29.0 cm
.sealed .Maekaea Sempan

.Maekawa Sempan
'A Spa'
.woodblock print .1949
.47.0 x 41.0 cm  
.sealed .Maekaea Sempan
Other works by Maekaea Sempan
MAEKAWA SEMPAN (1888 -1960 )
Born in Kyoto in 1888. He was first fascinated with the woodblock prints by
Minami Kunzo and this led him into the world of hanga. In 1919 his work was
exhibited in the 1st Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Association.
His long quest for Sosaku-hanga, always marked by the warmth of his sincere
personality, was carried on until he died at the age of 72 in 1960.
He is now counted among the three giants of Sosaku-hanga together with Onchi
and Hiratsuka.

.Hiratsuka Un'ichi 
'Rakan Temple in the Rain'
.woodblock print 1935
.34.9 x 29.3 cm sealed
Other works by Hiratsuka Un'ichi
HIRATSUKA UN'ICHI (1895 -1997 )
Born in Matsue City in 1895. On the advice of Ishii Hakutei, his master in the fine
arts, he learned the carving techniques under Igami Bonkotsu, a renowned carver.
Hiratsuka himself was later called a master carver. .In 1921 his work was first
exhibited in the 3rd Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Association.
Throughout his long career he never spared any effort to promote this genre of art.
He not only worked as a lecturer at the government academy, Tokyo School of Fine
Arts, but he also started lectures and workshops throughout the country, thus cul-
tivating the soil on which grew many talents. Among them we find Munakata Shiko
as well as Azechi Umetaro, Maeda Masao and Shimozawa Kihachiro..The latter three
were called the three outstanding talents in the Hiratsuka school.
Un'ichi's passion for hanga never waned until his death at the age of 102 in 1997.

.Kitaoka Fumio 
'Still Life on a Table(A)'
.woodblock print 1949 
.35.5 x 45.0 cm signed on woodblock
Other works by Kitaoka Fumio
.KITAOKA FUMIO (1918 -2007 )
1918 Kitaoka Fumio was born in Tokyo in 1918.
1939 He learned woodblock printing under Hiratsuka Un'ichi during his student
years in Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and in the same year his work was
first admitted entry for the 8th Exhibition of Japan Hanga Association.
1942 He joined the 'Kitsutsuki-kai' group led by Hiratsuka and in 1943 became
member of the Hanga Association.
1944 He joined the 'Ichimoku-kai' group whose leader was Onchi Koshiro.
1955 He went to France and met Hasegawa Kiyoshi, who became his third great
1964-6 During the 1964-65 period, he taught woodblock printing at Minneapolis
School of Art and at New York Brat Graphic Art Center as a Fulbright
exchange professor.
2007 He passed away on April 22 at the age of 89

.Hatsuyama Shigeru 
'The White Horse'
.woodblock print 1948
.24.0 x 33.0 cm 
Other works by Hatsuyama Shigeru

Born in Asakusa district, Tokyo, he learned at the age of ten the traditional
Yamoto-e painting from Kano Tanrei. He then worked in a dye house, where
he made full use of his drawing ability. In1919 he started to draw pictures
for children when the magazine " The World of Fairy Tales " was published.
His fairy tale picures, with delicate lines and decorative compositions, were
soon hily valued. He started woodblock printing in the 1930s.

.Shinagawa Takumi 
'Stone Buddha'
.woodblock print 1951 
.50.0 x 57.4 cm signed in pencil
Other works by .Shinagawa Takumi
SINAGAWA TAKUMI (1908-2009 )
1908 Born in Niigata.
1935 He first learned metal engraving and in this year he had a chance to show
Onchi Koshiro some of his experimental objects made of paper.
Onchi appeared to like them and advised him to express the ideas in hanga.
Thus started his career as a hanga artist.

.Yamamoto Kanae (1882-1946 )
'A Small Bay in Brittany'
.woodblock print 1913
14.5 x 21.5 cm

.Maeda Masao (1904-1974)
' Black Cat '
.woodblock print 1940
.36.7 x 45.4 cm ed.28/50
signed in pencil
Other works by Maeda Masao

.Mabuchi Thoru(Toru) (1920 - 1994)
' Mountain Lake '
.woodblock print 1954
.27.0 x 42.3 cm
artist's seal lower right
Other works by Mabuchi Toru

.Shinagawa Takumi (1908 -2009 )
' Kabuki Actor '
.woodblock print in colors 1953
.54.3 x 33.3 cm 
signed in pencil

Other works by Shinagawa Takumi

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