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Special Feature
 Mt. Fuji

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Special Feature Mt. Fuji

.Kawabata Ryushi
' The Snow on the Distant Mountain '
.woodblock print 1916
.26.8 x 19.1 cm
.printed signature
Born in 1885 in Wakayama City and was named Ryutaro.
He first learned Western-style painting at the two major
institutes, Hakuba-kai and Taiseiyoga-kai.
He visited the Boston Museum in 1913 and was deeply fasci-
nated by the classic Japanese picture scroll, Heiji Monogatari.
This experience moved him to change his career to a Japanese-
style painter. He was awarded a Culture Medal in 1959.

.Ichino Tatsuoki 
' Mt Fuji '
.lithograph 136/150
.31.0 x 41.0 cm signed
ICHINO  TATSUOKI (1942-1997)
1942 Born in Aichi Prefecture.
1960 Learned Japanese=style painting under Kawabata Ryushi
and was active in the Seiryusha Group.
1966 After this group.was dissolved, he learned under Takayama
Tatsuo. His work was accepted and exhibited at Nitten Exhibition.
1974, 1976 Awarded the Special Prize at the Nitten Exhibitions.
1981 Ellected a member of the Judging Commity of Nitten Institute.

.Sekino Jun' ichiro 
' Mt. Fuji in Red '
.woodblock print 1976 
.46.8 x 65.0 cm 43/138 signed
.Other works by Sekino Jun' ichiro
.SEKINO JUN' ICHIRO ( 1914-1988 )
.Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1914, he was so fascinated with woodblock prints
.when he was still attending junior highschool that he had enough vigor to recruit
.other.members and edit a hanga magazine. Under Kon Junzo he learned etching
.and lithography. In 1920 he exhibited his work in the 2nd Exhibition of Japan
.Hanga Association. In 1939 he moved to Tokyo and lived in the neighborhood
.of Onchi Koshiro.
.Together with Yamaguchi Gen, he was founding member of Ichimoku-kai and for
.about 10 years, surrounding Onchi, made efforts to sustain this precious circle.
.His two books, 'The Founders of Hanga' and 'The Memorable Print Artists' are.
.both very valuable documents of sosaku-hanga. 

. Ito Ben-ou
' Mt.Fuji and Fuji Thistle '
.woodblock print 1982
.32.8 x 47.8 cm 80/150 signed
.Other works by Ito Ben-ou
ITO BEN-OU ( 1917-1992)
Born in Ooigawa-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture. His real name is Ito
Tsutomu. While he was learning in Kokugakuin University, he also
started learning byhimself making prints. In 1946 he joined Shizuoka
Print Association, of which he was an establishing member. He was
also a member of Japan Print Association and Kokuga-kai Association.

.Kawada Kan 
' Mt.Fuji Well Viewed '
.woodblock print 1992
.11.7 x 55.3 cm 23/200  signed
KAWADA KAN  ( 1927-1999 )
Born in Tokyo. Kawada graduated from Bunka-gakuin Art School.
He worked as a book binder for nearly 25 years and gave life to
more than 400 books.

.Fukushima Ichiro 
' Lake Motosu '
.woodblock print 47/75
.38.0 x 54.2 cm  signed in pencil
.Other works by Fukushima Ichiro
.FUKUSHIMA ICHIRO ( 1920-1975 )
1920 Born in Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture.
1937 He learned under Ota Koji and was enlisted in The Art Training Center
at Kumaoka. Later, accompanied by Ota Koji, he met Azechi Umetaro
and was fascinated by his works and his spirit.
1962 He started making prints.
1964 He exhibited his works in the Exhibition of Japan Hanga Association
and won the Newcomer Prize. He developed and deepened his art
while participating in various international exhibitions

.Kitaoka Fumio
' Mt. Fuji in the blessed land '
.woodblock print 1964 71/100
.34.6 x 45.3 cm signed in pencil
.Other works by.Kitaoka Fumio
.KITAOKA FUMIO ( 1918 -2007 )
1918 Kitaoka Fumio was born in Tokyo in 1918.
1939 He learned woodblock printing under Hiratsuka Un'ichi during his
student years in Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and in the same year
his work was first admitted entry for the Exhibition of Japan
Hanga Association.
1942 He joined the 'Kitsutsuki-kai' group led by Hiratsuka and in 1943
became member of the Hanga Association.
1944 He joined the 'Ichimoku-kai' group whose leader was Onchi Koshiro.
1955 He went to France and met Hasegawa Kiyoshi, who became his third
great teacher.
1964-6 During the 1964-65 period, he taught woodblock printing at
Minneapolis School of Art and at New York Brat Graphic Art Center
as a Fulbright exchange professor.
2007 He passed away on April 22 at the age of 89.

.Yamagishi Kazue
' Mt.Fuji viewed from Tsujido '
.woodblock print 28.3 x 37.5 cm
.signed on the block

YAMAGISHI KAZUE ( 1891 -1984 )
Yamagishi was born in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, in1891. After graduating
from primary school, he moved to Tokyo and learned woodblock print-making. 
From1913 to 1916 he worked for The Yomiuri Newspaper Company as a
wood-carver in the process of illustratimg the pages. For several years fom 1926
he traveled around Europe and the US and published many prints depicting scenic beauty. 
He remained very active until he passed away at the age of 94

.Asano Takeji 
' Mt. Fuji seen from the Yoshida Route '
.woodblock print 1959
.24.3 x 33.5 cm signed on the block

ASANO TAKEJI ( 1900 - 1998 )
Born in Kyoto in 1900, Asano learned Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) at Kyoto City
School of Fine Arts. Though he took up Western-style oil painting for some time, he
soon resumed his career as a Nihonga artist. 
In 1928, he attended Hiratsuka's seminar at Gasendo in Kyoto and then was fully devoted
to printmaking together with Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Asada Benji and Nakagawa Isaku.
Stimulated by Kobayashi Kiyochika's series 'Famous Places of Tokyo', which he felt was
full of realistic charm, he started his own version of 'famous places' series. At the same
time he fully used his imagination for his sosaku hanga works. In his post-war years
he advocated Jiyu Hanga (literally Free Will Print).

.Nakagawa Mokurei 
' Mt.Fuji seen from Musashino '
.woodblock print
.37.7 x 45.5 cm
Born in Murokawa, Yamagata prefecture. In his youth while he was devoting himself
to wood curving, Kataoka Mito, a sculptor known for his traditional painting and wood
works, found him and advised him to learn in Tokyo. After World War II, he joined a
project team making reprints of traditional woodblock prints.
He was selected as a 'human treasure' in the field of traditional woodblock curving by
the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

.Kanamori Yoshio 
' The Mountain beyond the Lake
< Mt.Fuji with Summer Flowers > '
.woodblock print 35.7x52.7 cm
.50/95 signed in pencil
Born in Toyama Pref., Kanamori learned by himself the art of woodblock printing
with 'How you can make hanga' witten by Nagase Yosiro as his only guide. He later
learned from Munakata Shiko, while Munakata lived in Toyama. His theme moved
from religious subjects and seasonal sketches to, around 1964, the mystical series of
Mountain and Lake.

.Hiratsuka Un'ichi 
' Mt Fuji from Yushima '
.woodblock print 1935
.30.3 x 40.5 cm sealed lower left
.Other works by Hiratsuka Un'ichi
HIRATSUKA UN'ICHI ( 1895 -1997 )
He was born in Matsue City in 1895. On the advice of Ishii Hakutei, his master in
the fine arts, he learned the carving techniques under Igami Bonkotsu, a renowned
carver. Hiratsuka himself was later called a master carver. .In 1921 his work was
first exhibited in the 3rd Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Association.
Throughout his long career he never spared any effort to promote this genre of art.
He not only worked as a lecturer at the government academy, Tokyo School of Fine
Arts, but he also started lectures and workshops throughout the country, thus cul-
tivating the soil on which grew many talents. Among them we find Munakata Shiko
as well as Azechi Umetaro, Maeda Masao and Shimozawa Kihachiro..The latter three
were called the three outstanding talents in the Hiratsuka school.
Un'ichi's passion for hanga never waned until his death at the age of 102 in 1997.

.Kakihara Toshio 
' Landscape '
.woodblock print 1935
.26.2 x 32.8 cm signed in pencil
KAKIHARA TOSHIO (1893 -1960 )
He was one of Hiratuka's students. The catalogue of the 3rd Exhibition of Japan Print
Association says that he was born in Sendai in 1897, but our further research made in
Sagamiko-cho, Kanagawa Pref., where he died, shows that his birth year was 1893.
It might have been that he declared his age a little younger than he really was becuase
he wanted to be among the younger artists he felt spritual kinship to. The portrait that
Maeda Masao made of him is shown in 'Han News No.6 ' featuring Maeda Masao.

.Sasajima Kihei 
' Mt.Fuji with rapid clouds-E '
.woodcut 1976 
.29.5 x 41.8 cm
.51/200 signed in pencil

.Sasajima Kihei.
' Mt.Fuji with Lake Ashi '
.woodcut 1958 
.34.5 x 26.8 cm
.21/100 signed in pencil
Other works by Sasajima Kihei.
SASAJIMA KIHEI ( 1906-1993 )
1906 Born in the pottery town of Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture.
1936 He attended a course given by Hiratsuka Un'ichi and was fascinated with
the world of black and white woodblock prints.
1937 Hamada Shoji, a well-known potter living in Mashiko, introduced him to
Munakata Shiko, giving him the great oppotunity because he had always
admired Munakata's works for their feeling of incredible liberty.
1952 He joined Munakata Shiko and Shimozawa Kihachiro to form Nihon Hanga-
in (Japn Print Accademy).

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