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Asahi Masahide
" Spring Breeze / from
Newly Selected Women in Fashion" 
woodblock print 1930
28.6 x 17.8 cm sealed

Ishii Hakutei
" Without Title "
woodblock print 29.5 x 41.5 cm 
printed signature, sealed

Ishii Hakutei
" Rainy Day in Katyamazu, Kaga "
woodblock print 1917 
17.1 x 23.9 cm 
printed signature

Ishii Hakuei
" Inba Marsh "
woodblock print  1917
16.9 x 23.9 cm
printed signature

Ishii Hakutei 
" Noda "
woodblock print 1917
17.2 x 23.7 cm
signed on block
.ISHI HAKUTEI (1882-1958)
Born in Okachimachi, Tokyo in 1882. His father,Ishii Teiko, trained him since early child-
.hood in the art of traditional Japanese painting with Hakutei's younger brother Tsuruzo, who
.also grew up to be an artist.  In 1907 he joined Yamamoto Kanae and others to establish
.the magazine 'Hosun'.

Hirakawa Seizo
" Scenery "
1929〜32 cut-end woodblock print
13.7 x 19.9 cm printed signature

Hirakawa Seizo
" Scenery of Nara "
1926 woodblock print
18.1 x 24.3 cm
printed signature on the back side

Hirakawa Seizo 
" Woman " Poetry and Print vol.2
woodblock print 1923
18.6 x13.6 cm

.HIRAKAWA SEIZO (1896-1964 )
Born in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Pref. Hirakawa learned Western-style woodblock
print techniques from Hashimoto Kenzo, which led him to become a print artist.
He exhibitted his work at the 2nd exhibition of Japan Sosaku-hanga Association in
1920, and in 1926 he made public two of his best known works, " On the Campus
of the Emperial University " and "Woman Playing the Mandoline"
In 1928 he became member of Japan Sosaku-hanga Association, and in 1932 published
"Collection of Small Prints" (8 woodblock prints completed between 1929 and 1932)
(limited edition of 20).
In1954 he engraved "Cormorant Fishing" and some other pictures by Kawase Hasui.
Han News vol.2, "Hirakawa Seizo", Kikai 1994

Kawakami Sumio 
"A Rainy Evening of a Western City"
woodblock print 1924
15.6 x 20.2 cm
KAWAKAMI SUMIO (1895 -1972 )
Born in Yokohama City. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin High School,
he enjoyed a long travel around North America including Canada without any
definite purpose or schedule. In 1922 he started working as a teacher of
English for Utsunomiya Junior High School in Tochigi Prefecture.
Kawakami exhibited his works at the exhibitions of Japan Creattive Print
Association. Many of his prints give off nostalgic or exotic atmosphere in
newly civilized Japan in Meiji Period.

Onchi Kohshiro 
"Bathing under the Sun"
woodblock print 1923
21.0 x14.3 cm

.Onchi Koshiro
"Mellow Fruit" 
.woodblock print 1931
.pulished by Mokuransha.22.8 x 30.6 cm
(sheet size 24.7x34.2 cm)
.embossed signature and date, Ko 1931
. ONCHI KOSHIRO (1891-1955 )
In1909, when he was acquainted with Takehisa Yumeji, he was deeply impressed
with both his personality and his works.
In1914, while he attended Tokyo School of Fine Arts, he started the hanga maga-
zine 'Tsukuhae'. together with Tanaka Kyokichi and Fujimori Shizuo.
In 1918, with Yamamoto Kanae and other artists, he helped to establish the Sosaku-
hanga Association. In1929, he joined the project for publishing 'One hundred Views
of New Tokyo'
He always played a major role in the production and the promotion of Sosaku-hanga,
which duly brought him the reputation as one of the three giants in this genre of art.
In the period from1939 to1950, he held a private art circle in his house, inviting
would-be artists of hanga,.which he called 'Ichimoku Kai' because it was held every
first Thursday of the month.
Sekino Jun'ichiro, one of the early members of this circle, recalls that he proposed
special sessions for bartering hanga works among them because he wanted works by
Onchi. .Their fruitful results can be seen in 'Ichimoku Shu vol.I-VI'

Ofude Toshio 
" Modern Girls"
paper stencil ca.1935
40.3 x 25.6 cm
printed seal

OFUDE TOSHIO (Birth and death years are not known)
He published " Modern Girls" (A set of10 ten prints) from Kato Institute of Printing.

Maekawa Sempan 
" Picnic "
woodblock print 1928 
21.0 x 30.3 cm

.Maekawa Sempan
.woodblock print 1935
.20.2 x 27.2 cm
.sealed Maekawa Senpan
Other works by Maekawa Sempan
MAEKAWA SEMPAN (1888 -1960 )
Born in Kyoto in 1888. He was first fascinated with the woodblock prints by
Minami Kunzo and this led him into the world of hanga. In 1919 his work was
exhibited in the 1st Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Association.
His long quest for Sosaku-hanga, always marked by the warmth of his sincere
personality, was carried on until he died at the age of 72 in 1960.
He is now counted among the three giants of Sosaku-hanga together with Onchi
and Hiratsuka.

.Fukazawa Sakuichi
"Kototoi Bridge (from 'The New
One-hundred Views of Tokyo')
.woodblock print 1930
18.3 x 24.3 cm signed on block
.FUKAZAWA SAKUICHI (1896 -1946 )
1896 Born in Kambara district in Niigata pref.
1912 Moved to Tokyo with his family with aspiration to be a novelist、but mreeting Suwa
Kanenori in1921 and given lessons for making prints, he decided to be a print artist.
1922 Started to exhibit his works from the 4th exhibition of Japan Creative Print Exhibition.
1928 Founded Takujosha Group together with Hiratsuka Unichi and Onchi Koshiro.
1928-32 Produced with the members of this group 'the New One-hundred Views of Tokyo'
This plan was proceeded at his suggestion.
1931 Joined other artists to found Japan Print Association and exhibited his works thereafter.
Such print magazines as 'Poems and Prints', 'Port' and 'Prints' also included his works.
His works often dipict vast scenery or fruits and vegetables in a light and witty tone.

.Suwa Kanenori
'Mukojima'(from 'The New
100 Views of Tokyo')
.woodblock print 1929 
17.2 x 24.7 cm
15/50  signed in pencil

.SUWA KANENORI (1897−1932 )
.Born in Tokyo in1897, Suwa learned at Hongo Institute of Western.Fine
.Arts..In 1919, totally fascinated by the 1st Exhibition of Japan Creative
.Print Association, he was determined to be a print artist.
.In 1925 he was Siseido Co., Ltd. and then exerted himself
.to complete the series 'The New 100 Views of Tokyo' with seven other
.artists including Onchi Koshiro.

.Hiroshima Shintaro 
"A Ship at Anchor"
.woodblock print ca.1916
17.8 x 20.7 cm

.HIROSHIMA SHINTARO (1889 - 1951 ) 
.Hiroshima Shintaro was born in Tokushima City. He entered Tokyo School of Fine
.Arts and majored in the Japanese style painting. During his student days he.also
learned the Western style in Hakuba-kai Institute. He started to make
early Taisho period .(1912 - 1926) and joined to establish The Japan Hanga.Club
with Hasegawa Kiyoshi and Nagase Yoshiro. In later years his devotion.was turned
to Nihonga, Japnese style painting, under the artist name Kouho.

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