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畦地梅太郎 (創作版画 木版画) 平塚運一 (創作版画 木版画) 前田政雄 (創作版画 木版画)
笹島喜平(創作版画 木版画) 品川工 (創作版画 木版画) 下山木鉢郎
(創作版画 木版画)下澤木鉢郎 (創作版画 木版画) 諏訪兼紀 (創作版画 木版画) 関野準一郎

.Azechi Umetaro
" Mt. Mizugaki "
.2600 th year version
.woodblock print 1940,  30.5 x 45.5 cm
.signed on block and sealed

.Azechi Umetaro
"The Mountains of Nikko"
.2600 th year version
.woodblock print 1940, 30.3 x 45.5 cm
.signed on block and sealed

.Azechi Umetaro 
"The Mountains of Koushu"
.2600 th year version
.woodblock print 1940, 31.0 x 45.5 cm
.signed on block and sealed

.Azechi Umetaro
"Mt.Daibosatsu (The Head of Myoken)"
.2600 th year version
.woodblock print 1940, 30.3 x 45.2 cm
.signed on block and sealed

.Azechi Umetaro
"Mountain" (from Ichimoku-shu II )
.woodblock print 1946
.21.0 x 18.2 cm sealed

AZECHI UMETARO (1902-1999 )
Born in Mima, Ehime Prefecture in 1902, he started his career in the goverment
printing office. ..At odd moments during work, he tried his own prints scratching
and scraping the lead plate with nails and knives, and printed them in printer's ink.
He made up his mind to be an artist when he visited Hiratsuka Un'ichi with the
finished works in hand and was highly praised for their outstanding quality. 
In 1927 his prints were exhibited for the first time in the 7th Exhibition of Sosaku-
hanga Association, and this led him to be acquainted with Onchi Koshiro, whose
works made profound impressions on him. In 1937, when he saw Mt.Asama
erupting, he was astounded by the total energy and after this experience on, his
effortswere focused on the main theme of 'mountain' or 'life in the mountains'.

.Takeda Yoshihei 
" Early Spring in a Southern Countyside "
.woodblock print 1933
.29.8 x 38.0 cm  printed signature

TAKEDA YOSHIHEI  (1892-1989 )

Born in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture in 1892. He met Yamamoto Kanae
around 1917, fascinated by his works and started making prints. He made
his works public through many exhibitions including those by Japan Print
Association, Shun-yo Kai Group and The New Print Group. Furthermore he
was very active at many exhibitions abroard.

.Hiratsuka Un' ichi 
"Terraced Fields along the Sea"
(The Izu Peninsula)
.woodblock print 1933
.46.6 x 60.1 cm sealed 

.Hiratsuka Un' ichi 
"The Road Leading to the Lake"
.woodblock print 1933
.29.2 x 37.1 cm
.printed seal and signature 

.Hiratsuka Un' ichi 
"The Isuzu River" (woodblock print)
.woodblock print 1939
.28.7 x 34.4 cm 
.printed seal and signature

.Hiratsuka Un' ichi
"The Isuzu River" (oil painting)
.38.0 x 45.5 cm
.Other works by Hiratsuka Un' ichi

HIRATSUKA UN'ICHI (1895 -1997 )
Born in Matsue City in 1895. On the advice of Ishii Hakutei, his master in the
fine arts, he learned the carving techniques under Igami Bonkotsu, a renowned
carver. Hiratsuka himself was later called a master carver.  In 1921 his work
was first exhibited in the 3rd Exhibition of the Sosaku-hanga Association.
Throughout his long career he never spared any effort to promote this genre of
art. He not only worked as a lecturer at the government academy, Tokyo School
of Fine Arts, but he also started lectures and workshops throughout the country,
thus cultivating the soil on which grew many talents.
Among them we find Munakata Shiko as well as Azechi Umetaro, Maeda Masao
and Shimozawa Kihachiro. The latter three were called the three outstanding
talents in the Hiratsuka school. Un'ichi's passion for hanga never waned until
his death at the age of 102 in 1997.

.Maeda Masao 
"The Stone Garden of Ryoanji Temple (C)"
.woodblock print 1962, 5/50
.44.2 x 59.1 cm, signed in pencil

.Maeda Masao.
"Mt. Kinkei (part of the Myogi Mountains)"
.woodblock print 1966, 2/50
.40.8 x 53.0 cm signed in pencil

.Maeda Masao 
"Mt. Gagyu at Dusk"
.woodblock print 1964
.25.7 x 36.0 cm signed in pencil
Other works by Maeda Masao
MAEDA MASAO (1904 -1974 )
1904 Born in Hakodate City in Hokkaido.
1924 He met Hiratsuka Un'ichi, who was on his lecturing tour in this northern-
most island. Maeda later moved to Tokyo to learn oil painting under
Umehara Ryuzaburo, whom he had admired, and printing under Hiratsuka
Un'ichi. His work was first exhibited in the 7th Exhibition of the Sosaku-
1927 hanga Association in 1927.
In December he joined with Hiratsuka and the print artists in his circle
for the first publication of the magazine 'Han', which was continued until
the 9th issue. His main theme was the sea in the pre-war period and
mountains in the postwar years.
Maeda Masao, along with Azechi Umetaro and Shimozawa Kihachiro, is counted
among the three outstanding talents in the Hiratsuka school. His collected works,
however, had never been published. We made researches into his so far unknown
achievements during the prewar period and published the result in 'Han News No.6
Maeda Masao' The works and documents we had collected were exhibited in his
hometown of Hakodate:
'Maeda Masao Exhibition' Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokkaido Jan.21- Mar.21, 2006

.Shimoyama Kihachiro 
"Marsh in Sakhalin"
.woodblock print 1930 18.2 x 24.2 cm
.signed Simoyama Kihachiro in
.pencil and sealed in left margin

.Simozawa Kihachiro
"Rishiri Fuji"
.woodblock print 1933
18.2 x 24.2 cm sealed 
.Other works by .Simozawa Kihachiro
SHIMOZAWA (Shimoyama) KIHACHIRO (1901 - 1986 )
1901 Born in Hirosaki City in Aomori prefecture .
1916 His enthusiasm for art brought him far down south to Tokyo, where he
worked for Chuo Bijutsusha (Central Art Publishing).
1921 He got acquainted with Ishii Hakutei and started to paint in oil, water-
color and tempera. During the1921-22 period, he had to be enrolled in
the artillery and returned nearly deaf.
1924 Around 1924, introduced by Ishii Hakutei, he started to learn woodcut
techniques under Hiratsuka Un'ichi.
1927 He became member of the Hanga Association.
Besides woodblock printing he also composed Haiku poems.
1932 His family name changed from Shimoyama to Shimozawa by marriage
Shimozawa says, 'The coldest winter bites my soul but brings the warmest
joy when a scene is printed beautifully snowbound' (1949)

.Kuroki Sadao 
"Banba Dances"
.woodblock print ca.1957
.16.9 x 24.0 cm
.signed on block

.Kuroki Sadao
"Sacred Dance before the Rock Door"
.woodblock print ca.1960
.40.8 x 31.7 cm
.signed in pencil

.Kuroki Sadao
"A Stone Image of Buddha"
.woodblock print ca.1957
.36.0 x 50.5 cm
.signed on block
.KUROKI SADAO (1908 - 1984 )
1908 Born in Nobeoka City in Miyazaki Prefecture
1931 Graduated from Miyazaki College of Education and entered
Kawabata School of the Fine Arts.
1935 - His works were exhibited at The Exhibitions of Japan Hanga
Association and from 1936 on also at Kokuga-kai.

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