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谷中安規 『 泥と雪 』 (創作版画 木版画) Taninaka Yasunori (Sosaku prints woodblock prints) 谷中安規 たになか・やすのり(創作版画 木版画)
谷中安規 『 泥と雪 』 (創作版画 木版画) Taninaka Yasunori (Sosaku prints woodblock prints) 谷中安規 たになか・やすのり(創作版画 木版画)

. Maeda Morikazu
" Snow "
woodblock print 1983
33.0 x 48.3 cm 23/40 signed

.Maeda Morikazu
" A Light Freight Train "
woodblock print 1981
30.0 x 33.5 cm 45/50 signed
谷中安規 『 泥と雪 』 (創作版画 木版画) Taninaka Yasunori (Sosaku prints woodblock prints) 谷中安規 たになか・やすのり(創作版画 木版画)
Maeda Morikazu (1932- )
1932 Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.
1953 Introduced to Yamaguchi Gen and proceeded to modern print art.
1985 Sent by Agency for Cultural Affairs to study in The University of
Minnesota and Freer Museum of Art. Washington D.C.

.Taninaka Yasunori 
" Mud and Snow "
woodblock print 1933 
11.8 x 20.0 cm

Born in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture. When he read Nagase Yoshiro's
"To those who make prints", he was deeply motivated to be a print artist
himself. HIs works were exhibited at the exhibitions of Japan Creative
Print Association and Japan Print Association and his original world ex-
pressed in those works were admired and supported by many. Still more
works were published in <White and Black> and <The Print Art>. He was
known for his eccentricities and was starved to death in Tokyo soon after
the end of the Second World War.

.Takahashi Tasaburo 
" Flowers on the Table "
.woodblock print
.39.5 x 32.6 cm
.printed signature

.Takahashi Tasaburo 
" Still Life on the Table "
woodblock print 
24.6 x 29.6 cm  printed signature
1904 Born in Kyoto .
1923 Graduated from Kyoto City Art and Craft School and entered Kyoto
City Art College majoring in painting.
1926 Graduated from the college and then inspired by Nagase Yoshiro's
works, he earnestly worked on making woodblick prints
1928 His woodblock print was selected for the 9th Tei-Ten Exhibition.
1941 His Still Life was exhibited at the 4th New Bun-Ten Exhibition.
The subject was one on which he worked for long afterwards.

.Kitazawa Shuji 
"Among the Mountains"
.woodblock print 1940 
.28.5 x 36.5 cm
.signed in brush and ink

.Kitazawa Shuji
" Cropping "
.lithograph 1931
.33.2 x 46.7 cm signed in pencil
.scribed in pencil :Suzi Aug.25 1931

.Kitazawa Shuji
" Snow-covered Mt. Asama in Fine Weather "
(from The New 100 Views of Japan)
.woodblock print 1939
.22.5 x 30.0 cm  printed seal

KITAZAWA SHUJI (1890-1960 )
Born in Komoro City, Nagano Pref. He learned lithograph from Hosoi Taneo.
His works were exhibited at The Exhibitions of Shunyo-Kai and Japan Creative
Print Association. He was a founding member of Japan Print Association.
After World War II, he chose to live a farming life and stopped producing prints.

.Mabuchi Toru 
" Roses "
.woodblock print 1969
.40.8 x 56.0 cm
.52/120 signed

.Mabuchi Toru
"Nasu Highland"
.woodblock print 1950
.27.3 x 39.0 cm
.19/40 signed in pencil
.Other works by Mabuchi Toru

.MABUCHI TORU (Thoru) (1920-1994 )
.Born in Tokyo as the first son to the cut-grain wood engraver Mabuchi Rokutaro,
Toru learned woodblock printing under Hiratsuka Un'ichi during his student years
in Tokyo.School of Art. In 1960 he joined Munakata Shiko and Maekawa Sempan
.to establish Japan Hanga Society, and worked as president since 1981 until his
.last years.

.Kitaoka Fumio 
" Red Balloons "
.woodblock print 1956 15/50
.27.8 x 20 0 cm  signed

.Kitaoka Fumio
"The Shirahama Beach"
.woodblock print.1959
.25.5 x 25.4 cm
.signed in pencil

.Kitaoka Fumio
" Sorrow "
(from 'Ichi-moku Shu' vol. 5)
.woodblock print 1949
.33.5 x 25.0 cm
.signed on block

.Kitaoka Fumio
"Ruined House"
.woodblock print 1950
.44.8 x 35.0 cm
.signed on block
.Other works by Kitaoka Fumio
.KITAOKA FUMIO (1918 -2007 )
1918 Kitaoka Fumio was born in Tokyo in 1918.
1939 He learned woodblock printing under Hiratsuka Un'ichi during his
student years in Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and in the same year
his work was first admitted for the 8th Exhibition of Japan Hanga
1942 He joined the 'Kitsutsuki-kai' group led by Hiratsuka and in 1943
became member of the Hanga Association.
1944 He joined the 'Ichimoku-kai' group whose leader was Onchi Koshiro.
1955 He went to France and met Hasegawa Kiyoshi, who became his third
great teacher.
1964-6 During the 1964-65 period, he taught woodblock printing at
Minneapolis School of Art and at New York Brat Graphic Art Center
as a Fulbright exchange professor.
2007 He passed away on April 22 at the age of 89.

.Kawanishi Hide 
" Roses "
.woodblock print 1941
.46.0 x 32.2 cm

.Kawanishi Hide 
"Water Supply from a Spring"
.woodblock print 1960
33.0 x 48.2 cm

.Kawanishi Hide
" Carnations "
.woodblock print cira.1940  
.32.1 x 22.2 cm 
.signed on the block
KAWANISHI HIDE (1894 -1965 )
Born in Kobe in 1894. Fascinated with the works by Yamamoto Kanae and
Takehisa Yumeji, Kawanishi learnd by himself the art of woodblock printing.
He worked in the post office near his home and in 1922 became postmaster.
In 1923. His work was first exhibited in the 5th Exhibition of the Sosaku-
hanga Association. Using limited number of bright colors, he devised a style
of his own that matches and heightens the effects of the modern and exotic
port city of Kobe. He won the fame of 'magician of colors'.

.Koizumi Kishio
"The Nikko Road Lined with Cedars"
.woodblock print  ca.1938
.24.2 x 18.0 cm 
.signed on block

.KOIZUMI KISHIO (1893-1945 )
1893 .Born in Shizuoka City.
1907 He moved to Tokyo at the age of 15, learned watercolor paintng
under Oshita Tojiro, and later acquired the tchniques of woodblock
printing, which led him to learn under Yamamoto Kanae. 
1919 He became member of The Association of Japanese Creative Prints.
1924 He published 'The Techniques for Curving and Printing Woodblocks'
1937 He completed and published 'One hundred Views of Tokyo of the
Showa Era'.

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